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Feeding Therapy

Address your child’s nutritional intake needs using sensory-based experiences, oral motor techniques, and child-led approaches. Our therapists are trained in the SOS Feeding Approach which “uses play with a purpose, the steps to eating, and research to guide therapy” (Toomey, 2021). From infants to adolescents, we approach each feeding situation with an extremely individualized approach. Let us help make mealtimes fun!

Relationship Building

We can help foster meaningful relationships by addressing perspective taking (including validation of their own perspective), self advocacy, and increasing autonomy. We also offer social communication enrichment programs to help children develop strong connections with their peers and foster meaningful and authentic relationships. These programs include peer groups, Kindergarten Readiness Groups, and special interest groups.

Executive Functioning

Planning, organizing, problem solving and more! Our therapists have extensive training in identifying and addressing executive functioning difficulties.

Fine Motor

When it comes to drawing, writing, dressing, picking things up, or any fine (aka “small”) motor movement, our therapists can help identify and address any difficulties your child may have!
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