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Bright SpOT is devoted to providing occupational and speech therapy services to children and adolescents with a focus on individualized care and positive experiences. We are dedicated to providing services in a way that is positive, supportive, and uplifting for both children and their families.
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Neurodiversity affirming!!
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Leading the way in pediatric care

At Bright SpOT Pediatric Therapy, we understand that occupational and speech therapy are crucial for supporting children's development and helping them reach their full potential. Our team of passionate therapists is dedicated to providing exceptional care for children in a way that is neurodiversity affirming, child-led, and relationship based.
We're Mobile
Our team is completely mobile, so we will travel to your home if you are located in our service area. We are proud to provide our services in a convenient and comfortable place.
We spend a lot of time educating parents about the neurodiversity-affirming paradigm, as well as daycare teachers/administration, community education, etc.
We look at the whole child and their well-being when planning their treatment and sessions. Building trust and autonomy in children is important to us!

Taking Pediatric Speech and OT to the Next Level

Our speech and occupational therapists are specialized in evaluating and treating children’s difficulties whether related to motor skills, sensory processing, language, behaviors, or feeding. Through engaging and play-based activities, we help children develop the skills they need to thrive in their daily lives. Our goal is to empower children to gain independence and confidence while living their most authentic lives.
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Bright Spot pediatric Therapy

How we can help you!

We believe that each child is unique and deserves personalized care. Our therapists take the time to understand your child's strengths, challenges, and interests, and we tailor our therapy plans to meet their specific needs. We create a supportive and nurturing environment where your child feels comfortable, empowered, and motivated to learn and grow.
Individualized Care
At Bright SpOT, your child will see the same therapist for their evaluation and subsequent treatment sessions. We consider this best practice so that your child can get the most personal and individualized care possible. When establishing care, your therapist will tailor your goals and plan of care to best serve your individual needs and areas of concern.
Embracing Neurodiversity
To us, embracing Neurodiversity means meeting children where they are, helping them with barriers to their daily activities, as well as accepting and supporting children for who they are – and loving them for it! We are incredibly passionate about providing neurodiversity-affirming therapy. We view every child through the lens of patience and compassion knowing that “kids do well when they can”.
Enrichment Opportunities
We are proud to offer enrichment opportunities for children and their families. These include, but are not limited to sensory-based camps, fine motor camps, executive function-focused meetings and more! Ask us about our Kindergarten Readiness Camps!
Building Relationships
Relationships are the cornerstones of effective therapy. We genuinely enjoy getting to know our kiddos and their caregivers. At Bright SpOT, we understand that addressing things that are difficult can be uncomfortable for children and adults alike. Our mission is to make the therapeutic experience as positive as possible for all members involved.
Community Access
Here at Bright SpOT, we are so excited to be mobile for best family access and flexibility. Seeing your child in their natural environment is key for learned concepts to be carried over in the home. Similarly, we are able to target specific goals in the most organic setting possible, like social relationship building in a park or life skills at the grocery store!
Smaller Caseloads
One of the many reasons Bright SpOT was founded was our motivation to increase quality of care. We want our clients to feel like “the only one” and for our families to be able to feel at ease with the care provided and any clarifications they need.

Let’s Play!

We use child-led activities, games, toys, and resources to make therapy sessions fun, meaningful, and effective.

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