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Bright SpOT is devoted to providing occupational and speech therapy services to children and adolescents with a focus on individualized care and positive experiences. We are dedicated to providing services in a way that is positive, supportive, and uplifting for both children and their families.
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Taking Pediatric Speech and OT to the Next Level

Our speech and occupational therapists are specialized in evaluating and treating children’s difficulties whether related to motor skills, sensory processing, language, behaviors, or feeding. Through engaging and play-based activities, we help children develop the skills they need to thrive in their daily lives. Our goal is to empower children to gain independence and confidence while living their most authentic lives.
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Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists help people successfully participate in activities that are meaningful to them. As pediatric occupational therapists, we focus on these activities related to the whole child. Some of these important activities include eating, writing, playing, dressing, and even more.

Speech Therapy

Speech & Language Therapy involves the assessment and diagnosis of communication and swallowing disorders resulting from a variety of causes. Speech therapy may involve the treatment of articulation skills (producing speech sounds), receptive and expressive language (understanding and using language), social language, and more. A primary goal of pediatric speech therapy is to improve a child’s ability to communicate effectively and independently.

Feeding Therapy

Address your child’s nutritional intake needs using sensory-based experiences, oral motor techniques, and child-led approaches. Our therapists are trained in the SOS Feeding Approach which “uses play with a purpose, the steps to eating, and research to guide therapy” (Toomey, 2021). From infants to adolescents, we approach each feeding situation with an extremely individualized approach. Let us help make mealtimes fun!

Relationship Building

We can help foster meaningful relationships by addressing perspective taking (including validation of their own perspective), self advocacy, and increasing autonomy. We also offer social communication enrichment programs to help children develop strong connections with their peers and foster meaningful and authentic relationships. These programs include peer groups, Kindergarten Readiness Groups, and special interest groups.

Executive Functioning

Planning, organizing, problem solving and more! Our therapists have extensive training in identifying and addressing executive functioning difficulties.

Fine Motor

When it comes to drawing, writing, dressing, picking things up, or any fine (aka “small”) motor movement, our therapists can help identify and address any difficulties your child may have!

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BrightSpot Pediatric Therapy

Bright Spot Pediatric Therapy offers a wide range of specialized therapy services, including occupational, physical, speech, and feeding therapy, to children with developmental, physical, and cognitive disabilities. Our experienced and certified therapists provide personalized treatment plans using evidence-based practices and state-of-the-art equipment. We prioritize family involvement, providing parent education and support. At Bright Spot Pediatric Therapy, we are dedicated to helping children reach their full potential.
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